German painter; born at Dresden Nov. 11, 1851; died May, 1884, at Pegli, near Genoa, Italy; educated at the Düsseldorf Academy under the supervision of his father, Eduard Bendemann. From 1877 to 1879 he lived at Munich, and later made several visits to Egypt. The mural paintings in the Cornelius hall of the National Gallery at Berlin were executed by him in accordance with his father's plans, and in collaboration with Röber and Wilhelm Beckmann (1876). Among his works the following are the most noteworthy: "Frithjof und Ingeborg als Kinder" (1874); "Nymphe" (1877); "Bierausschank" (1878); "Beerdigung des Frauenlob"; "Ein Fest im 16ten Jahrhundert"; "Lautenschläger" (1879); "Wirthshausscenen in Oberbaiern" (1880); "Ausgang aus einer Moschee in Kairo"; "Schöpfbrunnen in Oberägypten." Bendemann has also achieved considerable success as a portrait-painter.

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S. J. So.
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