German ophthalmologist; born at Potsdam Sept. 18, 1843. He received his education at the gymnasium of his native town and at the University of Berlin, graduating as doctor of medicine in 1867. In the same year he became assistant in the ophthalmologic clinic of A. von Graefe. He commenced to practise in 1869, and founded a private dispensary and hospital for diseases of the eye. He was admitted in the following year to the medical faculty of Berlin University as privat-docent in surgery and ophthalmology. In 1879 he was appointed assistant professor; in 1895 he received the title "Geheimer Medizinalrat," and in 1900 was appointed honorary professor.

Hirschberg is one of the leading ophthalmologists of Germany. He has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, and North America, visiting all the important ophthalmologic hospitals.

In 1877 Hirschberg founded the "Centralblatt für Praktische Augenheilkunde." In 1895, in an appendix to his report of twenty-five years' work of the ophthalmological hospital, he published a complete list of his writings, numbering nearly 200.

Of Hirschberg's works may be mentioned: "Der Markschwamm der Netzhaut," Berlin, 1869; "Klinische Beobachtungen," Vienna, 1874; "Die Mathematischen Grundlagen der Medicinischen Statistik," 1874; "Beiträge zur Praktischen Augenheilkunde," in three parts: Berlin, 1876; Leipsic, 1877 and 1878; "Tunis," ib. 1885; "Wörterbuch der Augenheilkunde," ib. 1887; "Von New York nach San-Francisco," ib. 1888; "Aegypten," ib.; "Einführung in die Augenheilkunde," i., ib. 1892; "Hilfswörterbuch zum Aristophanes," ib. 1898; "Die Magnetoperationen in der Augenheilkunde, nach Eigener Erfahrung," ib. 1899; "Augenheilkunde des Aëtius," ib. 1899; "Geschichte der Augenheilkunde im Alterthum," 1899; "Um die Erde," ib. 1900; "Einführung in die Augenheilkunde," ii., ib. 1901; (with J. Lippert) "Die Augenheilkunde des Ibn Sina," translated from the Arabic, with explanatory notes, ib. 1902.

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