Dutch journalist; born at Amersfort Dec. 17, 1821; died at The Hague Aug. 27, 1873. Settling in Amsterdam, he occupied himself with literary work, and became in 1840 editor of the "Handelsblad." In 1849 he applied himself to stenography, and in the following year was appointed shorthand writer to the Second Chamber (Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal). Jointly with the lawyer D. Leon he established in 1850 the weekly "De Gemeente Stem." He was also correspondent for several weeklies and dailies. In 1856 he became editor of the "Indier," and in 1860 proprietor of the "'sGravenhaagsche Nieuwsbode," which paper he combined with the "Indier" and published as the "Dagblad van 'sGravenhage en Zuid-Holland." This paper is still (1904) in existence.

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  • Dagblad van 'sGravenhage, Aug. 28, 1873.
S. E. Sl.
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