A family of Sephardic Jews several of whom were distinguished for scholarly attainments.

Eliahu Lopez:

Dutch ḥakam of the seventeenth century. He received his rabbinical education, together with Isaac Nieto and others, in the Yeshiba de los Pintos at Rotterdam, and then at Amsterdam, in which city he was for some years ḥakam. At the dedication of the large synagogue he delivered an oration, which was printed together with the other orations delivered on that occasion. While still a young man Lopez went as ḥakam to Barbados.

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Isaac Lopez:

Ḥakam at Amsterdam. He issued a new and revised edition of Aboab's "Nomologia" (Amsterdam, 1727).

Isaac Henriquez Lopez:

Haham in London at the beginning of the eighteenth century. At the inauguration of the society known as "Sahare Ora Vaawi Yethomim" he delivered a discourse which was printed under the title "Oracion . . . Que se Hizieron en la Celebridad de la Fundacion de la Santa y Pia Hermandad de Sahare Ora Vaawi Yethomim" (London, 1703).

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