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LUBLINER, HUGO (pseudonym, Hugo Bürger):

German dramatist; born at Breslau April 22, 1846. He studied at the industrial school in Berlin, and became manager of a cotton and woolen mill. Inclination led him to dramatic composition. At first he wrote occasionally only, but with such success that he at length gave up business and devoted himself wholly to the production of plays.

Among the best-known of Lubliner's works are: "Nur Nicht Romantisch" (1865), one-act comedy, the only one of his earlier efforts that still holds the stage; "Der Frauenadvokat" (1873), three-act comedy, which has been performed at all the principal German theaters; "Die Modelle des Sheridan" (1875), four-act comedy; "Die Florentiner" (1876), tragedy; "Die Adoptierten" (1877), drama; "Gabriele" (1878), drama; "Die Frau Ohne Geist" (1879), comedy; "Auf der Brautfahrt" (1880), comedy; "Gold und Eisen" (1881); "Der Jour Fix" (1882), comedy; "Aus der Grossstadt" (1883); "Die Mitbürger" (1884), comedy; (with. G. von Moser) "Glück bei Frauen"; (with Paul Lindau) "Frau Susanne"; "Gräfin Lambach" (1886); "Die Gläubiger des Glückes" (6th ed., Breslau, 1886); "Die Frau von Neunzehn Jahren" (ib. 1887), the last two as parts of the romance-cycle "Berlin im Kaiserreich"; "Die Armen Reichen" (1886), comedy; "Der Name" (1888), drama; "Im Spiegel" (1890), comedy; "Der Kommende Tag" (1891), drama; and the following comedies: "Das Neue Stück" (1894); "Aus der Menschlichen Komödie" (1895); "An der Riviera" (1895); "Die Junge Frau Arneck" (1895); "Roman eines Anständigen Mädchens" (1896); "Andere Luft" (1897); "Das Fünfte Rad" (1898); and "Splitter und Balken" (1899). Some of the foregoing pieces were collected in "Dramatische Werke" (4 vols., Berlin, 1881-82).

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