Monthly magazine of Jewish life and literature published in New York; established Oct., 1901, as the outcome of a resolution unanimously passed at a convention of the societies affiliated with the Federation of American Zionists, held at Philadelphia in the June preceding.

Until June, 1902, "The Maccabæan" was issued partly in English and partly in Yiddish under the editorship of Louis Lipsky. By a resolution of the convention held in Boston in June, 1902, the Yiddish department was dropped, and the editorial chair has since been occupied by J. de Haas. In 1903 (Jan.) the publication was incorporated as a stockcompany, the Federation holding the majority of the stock, and Prof. Richard Gottheil being appointed president of the company. The present (1904) president is G. H. Mayer; M. B. Laude, William Morris, and J. H. Lieberman are respectively vice-president, treasurer, and secretary.

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