Association of English Jewish professional men and others; founded in 1892; its aim is social intercourse and cooperation among its members with a view to the promotion of the higher interests of the Jewish race. At first membership was not limited to any one class in the community, but shortly after the establishment of the club admission was restricted to Jewish professional men. The term "professional men" was, however, very widely interpreted, and subsequent legislation has empowered the committee to elect in any year ten Jews who have become prominent by reason of their public services or their connection with literature, science, or art. These specially elected members must not number more than one in four of the ordinary membership.

The establishment of the Maccabæans was primarily due to Herman Cohen, with whom the idea originated, and whose efforts were well supported by several professional friends, including Solomon J. Solomon, A.R.A. (first president); and Asher I. Myers (treasurer). Herman Cohen himself became first honorary secretary. The Maccabæans hold frequent meetings for the reading and discussion of papers of Jewish interest. Not only do these meetings offer a free platform on which all parties in the community meet and discuss controversial topics of general interest, but as a result of papers read before the Maccabæans the Jewish Lads' Brigade, the Jewish Athletic Association, and the Education Aid Society, among other movements, have been started.

J. A. M. H.
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