Hungarian Jewish monthly review; established in 1884 by Josef Simon, secretary of the Jewish chancery, Wilhelm Bacher, and Josef Bánóczi, the two latter being professors in the "Landesrabbinerschule" of Budapest. Its purpose is to promote the scientific knowledge of Judaism, and at the same time to disseminate information concerning the social and legal conditions of the Jews. The editorship was assumed by Bánóczi and Bacher, who retired in 1890 in favor of L. Blau and F. Mezey. The latter resigned at the end of 1895 after the Ungarisch-Israelitischer Litteraturverein had been founded through the efforts of the "Magyar Zsidó Szemle," which thereafter became a quarterly under the sole editorship of Blau. Its list of contributors includes Americans as well as Europeans. It is the first and at present (1904) the only Jewish scientific periodical published in Hungarian, and has attracted a large number of contributors from among the younger generation.

H. R. L. B.
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