German Protestant theologian; born in Pforzheim Feb., 1653; died in Giessen Sept., 1719. In 1689 he became professor in the University of Giessen. Besides various Biblical exegetical works he wrote: "Synopsis Theologiæ Judaicæ" (Giessen, 1698); "Exercitatio . . . de Jure Anni Septimi" (ed. by his son, ib. 1707, and later printed along with Maimonides' tract on the subject); "Grammatica Rabbinica" (ib. 1710). His son J. H. Mai (the younger; b. March, 1688; d. June, 1732) was made professor of Greek and Oriental languages in the University of Giessen in 1709; he published, among other things: "Dissertatio . . . de Origine, Vita Atque Scriptis D. Isaac Abarbanielis" (Altdorf, 1708); "D. Isaaci Abarbanielis Preco Salutis in Ling. Latin. Translatus" (Frankfort-on-the-Main, 1712).

  • Universal-Lexicon, Halle and Leipsic, 1739;
  • Jöcher's Gelehrten-Lexicon.
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