Town in Hungary, in the county of Csanad. It has a total population of 33,722, of which 1,642 are Jews (1900). Jews began to settle there about the middle of the eighteenth century, under the protection of Stanislavich, the Bishop of Csanad, who, in 1740, assigned a special quarter to them. They soon formed a community, and by 1747 had established a ḥebra ḳaddisha. The first rabbi of Mako was Judah b. Abraham ha-Levi, who occupied the rabbinate from 1778 to 1824. He was succeeded by Salomon Ullman (1826-63). Ullman wrote a commentary on certain sections of Yoreh De'ah, under the title "Yeri'ot Shelomoh" (Vienna, 1854). He was followed by Anton Enoch Fischer (1864-96), former rabbi of Duna-Földvar. Fischer introduced German and (later) Hungarian in his sermons. Mako has a Jewish school (of which Marcus Steinhardt has been one of the teachers for forty years), established in 1851, a Jewish women's association, a Jewish students' aid society, and a Jewish women's lying-in hospital. The present (1904) incumbent is Dr. A. Kecskemeti.

D. A. Ke.
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