The unedited full-text of the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia


1. Son of Elioenai, of the Judean royal family (I Chron. iii. 24). 2. A Levite, porter at the east gate of the Temple (I Chron. ix. 17; Neh. xi. 19, xii. 25). Children of Akkub are found (Ezra, ii. 42, 45; Neh. vii. 45) in the list of the Levites and their offices. Akkub is called Dacubi in I Esd. v. 28. 3. A Levite, who helped Ezra expound the Law (Neh. viii. 7), and who is mentioned in the account of I Esd. ix. 48, where he is called Jacubus—perhaps the same as the preceding.

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