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Italian senator, author, and painter; born at Mantua in 1826. He studied law at Pavia and took an active part in the Italian revolution of 1848, after the failure of which he fled to Frankfort-on-the-Main. From Paris he went to Switzerland, and a little later to Milan, where he became a member of Parliament (1860-67), and was afterward very efficient as a member of the municipal council. He is well known in Italy as a painter, his best-known painting being "The Warm Baths of Alexandria." His essay on Heine in "Creposcolo" (1857) and his translation of the latter's works have made Heine very popular in Italy. Massarani was president of the international jury of art at the Paris Exposition of 1878. He is a member of the Lombard Institute for Arts and Sciences, of the Academy of Fine Arts, and honorary member of the Academy of San Luca. He is the author of the following works: "Quelques Mots sur la Défense de Venise" (Paris, 1849); "L'Idea Italiana Attraverso i Tempi" (ib. 1850); "Deutschland und die Italienische Frage" (Breslau, 1859); "L'Arte a Monaco e a Norimberga" (Florence, 1870); "Studii di Letteratura e di Arte" (ib. 1873); "Studii di Politica e di Storia" (ib. 1875); "Domeniche di Agosto" (ib. 1876); "Legnano, Grandi e Piccole Storie" (1876); "Eugenio Camerini e i Suoi Tempi" (ib. 1877); "L'Arte a Parigi" (Rome, 1879); "Sermoni" (Florence, 1880; 2d ed. 1884); "Il Libro di Giuda" (ib. 1882); "Saggi Critici" (2d ed. 1883); "Carlo Tenca e il Pensiero Civile del Suo Tempo" (ib. 1886); "Cesare Correnti Nella Vita e Nelle Opere" (ib. 1892); "L'Odissea della Donna," prose and verse (Rome, 1893); "Come la Pensava il Dottore Lorrenzi" (1894). He has collected and published the scattered writings of Cesare Correnti.

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