American caricaturist; born at Worms July 18, 1868. Mayer is the son of a Jewish merchant of London, but was educated at Worms. In 1885 he went to Mexico, and subsequently to Texas. There he discovered his ability to draw, and developed his talent without the aid of a teacher. Mayer next went to Cincinnati and thence to Chicago, where he began his career as caricaturist and illustrator.

He has published most of his sketches, including the following: "The Autobiography of a Monkey" (1898); "In Laughland" and "Fantasies in Ha! Ha!" (1899); "Trip to Toyland" (1900); "The Adventures of a Japanese Doll" (1901). Mayer has contributed to "Fliegende Blätter" (Munich), "Black and White" and "Pall Mall Magazine" (London), "Life" and "Puck" (New York), "Le Rire" (Paris), and to many other publications. His cartoons on the "Dreyfus affair" in English periodicals attracted wide-spread attention.

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