ALBAGAL, SOLOMON IBN (called also Don Culema aben Albagal):

A Spanish farmer of taxes who lived in Villa-Real or Ciudad-Real, and held office during the reign of Maria de Molina (1300-10). He was the owner of a large fulling-mill, named "Batanejo," in Guadiana, which, when disposed of by the Knights of Calatrava, brought the sum of 15,000 gold maravedis (about $51,000, or £10,200). For many years he was in litigation with his partner, Israel Alḥadad, with regard to a large sum of money. The queen finally referred the dispute for settlement to R. Asher ben Jehiel of Toledo ("Resp." § 107, No. 6). The name of Albagal's wife was Joanila. Of their two children, a son, Samuel ibn Albagal, lived in Villa-Real, and a daughter, Dinah, was married to Abraham ben Xuxen (Susan), also a farmer of taxes, and died of the plague at Toledo in the year 1349.

  • Revue des Études Juives, xxxix. 314.
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