Jewish convert to Christianity; born at Hamburg in the second half of the seventeenth century; died in Belgium about 1738. After having been baptized at Bremen, he became a missionary and traveled for thirty years. He was the author of the following works: (1) "Licht zu Erleuchten die Juden," exalting the glory of Jesus (Leipsic, 1711); (2) "Me'irat 'Enayim," a pamphlet written in German, in which the author draws a parallel between Moses and Jesus, showing the supremacy of the latter (Amsterdam, 1713); (3) "Der Abscheuliche Mord Christi," in which he endeavors to demonstrate that the duration of the exile of the Jews can be attributed only to the crucifixion of Jesus (Hamburg, 1719); (4) "Vera Immanuelis Generatio," written in Hebrew and demonstrating the divinity of Jesus from the Prophets, especially from Isa. vii. 14.

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D. I. Br.
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