Family of scholars of Tudela, members of which are met with in the East and in Italy.

Abraham ben Joseph Minir (probably a brother of Isaac ben Joseph Minir); Acah (Isaac) ben Ḥayyim and his son Abraham Minir; and Shem-Ṭob ben Samuel Minir were prominent members of the community of Tudela in 1363.

Isaac ibn Minir:

Contemporary of Isaac ben Sheshet.

Isaac ben Joseph Minir:

Commentator and liturgical poet; pupil of Yom-Ṭob ben Abraham of Seville, and contemporary of Solomon ben Adret. He was the author of the Talmudic commentary "Be'erot Yiẓḥaḳ."

Joseph ben Isaac Minir:

Rabbi at Constantine; died before 1408; son of Isaac ben Joseph Minir; for ten years a pupil of Isaac ben Sheshet, who esteemed him highly for his scholarship.

Moses Minir:

Edited Hebrew works at Venice in 1593.

Shem-Ṭob Minir:

Contemporary of Joseph Caro; was living at Constantinople in 1569.

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