Turkish rabbinical author; lived at Salonica at the end of the eighteenth century. He belonged to a family originally from Modena, Italy, the descendants of which are prominent in financial and industrial enterprise in Salonica. He corresponded with Ḥayyim ben David Abulafia, rabbi of Smyrna. Modiano published two works—"Uryan Telitai" (Salonica, 1795) and "Rosh Mashbir," responsa (2 vols., ib. 1821 and 1840). The former is a collection of novellæ on various Talmudic treatises by Naḥmani, Ibn Migash, Yom-Ṭob b. Abraham, R. Samuel Isaac of Salonica (18th cent.), and by Modiano himself. The latter work was published posthumously.

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