German physician; born at Lissa May 4, 1862; educated at the universities ofBreslau, Freiburg, Jena, and Berlin (M.D. 1885). During the following two years he took postgraduate courses at Vienna, Budapest, London, Paris, and Nancy, and in 1887 established himself as a neuropathologist in Berlin. In 1894 he visited the leading medical institutions of eastern Europe, and in 1898 those of North America.

Moll has written several essays in the medical journals, and is the author of: "Der Hypnotismus," Berlin, 1889 (3d ed. 1895); "Die Konträre Sexualempfindung," ib. 1891 (3d ed. 1899); "Der Rapport in der Hypnose," Leipsic, 1892; "Untersuchungen über die Libido Sexualis," ib. 1897; "Das Nervöse Weib," ib. 1898; and "Medizinische Ethik," ib. 1900.

S. F. T. H.
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