English chemist; born at Cassel, Germany, March 7, 1839; educated at the Polytechnic School, Cassel, and at the universities of Marburg and Heidelberg. In 1862 he went to England and engaged in the Le Blanc soda industry, introducing his process for recovering sulfur from alkali waste. In 1873 he established, in partnership with T. T. Brunner, at Winnington, Northwich, Cheshire, the manufacture of ammonia soda by the Solvay process, which he has perfected; and the works there now constitute the largest alkali establishment in the world. Mond has patented many inventions of great scientific and commercial importance. He also founded and endowed the Davy-Faraday Research Laboratory of the Royal Institution in 1896.

Mond has held various high scientific positions. He is fellow of the Royal Society; a vice-president of the Royal Institution; vice-president of the Chemical Society; ex-president of the Society of Chemical Industry; and ex-president of the chemical section of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (1896). He has written numerous papers and addresses which have been published in the transactions and proceedings of these societies and institutions.

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J. G. L.
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