City in Navarre, situated three miles from Pamplona; to be distinguished from a city of the same name in Aragon. A small number of Jews lived here in a "Juderia." In 1320 the Jews of Pamplona, who were threatened by the shepherds, fled to Monreal and, supported by the brave D. Alfonso of Aragon, united with their cobelievers in defending themselves against the pursuing herdsmen; 170 of them were, however, killed. In 1366 there were fourteen Jews in Monreal; in 1380 the Jews paid taxes to the local abbot; in 1477 their number had become so small that they held divine worship in a private house. D. Juze Orabuena, chief rabbi of Navarre and body-physician to the king, received houses in the Monreal Juderia as a present from the king.

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