American writer and minister; born May 13, 1860, at Philadelphia, Pa.; educated at private and public schools of that city. He received his religious instruction from his father, Sabato Morais. For about twelve years he was a teacher in the schools of the Hebrew Education Society and in the Hebrew Sabbath-schools of Philadelphia. Morais was the principal founder and for the first two years managing editor of the "Jewish Exponent." He edited also "The Musical and Dramatic Standard" (Philadelphia) and "The Hebrew Watchword and Instructor" (ib.), and has been a frequent contributor to the Jewish and general press of the United States; he was on the reportorial and special staff of the "Philadelphia Public Ledger" almost four years.

Morais has been successively acting minister of the Mikve Israel congregation in Philadelphia (1897-98) and minister of the Adath Yeshurun congregation, Syracuse, N. Y. (1899-1900 and again 1902-3), and of the Jeshuat Israel congregation at Newport, R.I. (1900-1). He is the author of: "Eminent Israelites of the Nineteenth Century," Philadelphia, 1880; "The Jews of Philadelphia," ib. 1894, the most important local history of the Jews in America thus far published; and of various pamphlets.

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