According to the interpretation of Moses ibn Ḥabib, a proper name, which was adopted as a family name by Spanish-Portuguese Jews. It frequently occurs in connection with "Paz," "Shalom," and "Henriquez." Families bearing this name were living in the seventeenth century in Bayonne, London, Amsterdam, and Hamburg; and others which have adopted it still exist in Turkey.

David Shalom Moreno:

Son of Abraham Shalom Moreno; the latter died at Bayonne in 1684 and was called also Luis de Paz. David was celebrated for his wisdom and Talmudic learning.

Gabriel Moreno:

Member of the Academia de los Floridos, founded in Amsterdam 1685.

Jacob Isaac Morenu:

Physician in Amsterdam; died there June 21, 1667. In Oct., 1663, he gave his approbation to the little book "Orthographia Castellana" by Abraham da Fonseca. His grave is marked by a noble monument, upon which is a coat of arms consisting of a helmet surmounted by a count's coronet.

Jacob Israel Moreno:

Lived in Amsterdam; mentioned as the writer of a sonnet.

Moses Moreno Henriquez:

Representative of Ḥakam Daniel Belillos in the Maskil el Dal philanthropic society in Amsterdam, to which Gabriel Moreno and the brothers Isaac and Jacob, sons of Mattathias Moreno, also belonged.

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