French writer; lived at Salon in the early part of the fourteenth century. He was the teacher of Kalonymus b. Kalonymus of Arles, who called him "the learned scholar," "the ornament of sages." He translated into Hebrew Averroes' greater commentary on Aristotle's "Metaphysics"; this translation, however, is ascribed also to Moses b. Solomon of Salerno ("Catalogue des Manuscrits Hébreux et Samaritains de la Bibliothèque Imperiale," 1866, p. 257, Nos. 887-890). The first four books of his translation were copied in 1342 by Asher b. Abraham Kohen of Lunel. Moses of Beaucaire wrote also a refutation of Joseph Caspi's "Sefer ha-Sod," in collaboration with Abba Mariben Eligdor; and he summarized Averroes' commentary on Aristotle's "Physics."

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