German tosafist; lived at Mayence in the twelfth century. It appears, however, that Moses was a native of France ("Or Zarua'," ii., No. 34). He was a pupil of R. Isaac ha-Zaḳen (Solomon Luria, Responsa, No. 29); he seems to have studied also under Jacob Tam ("Mordekai," Yeb., No. 79; B. M., No. 393) and, at Mayence, under Eliezer b. Nathan ("Ẓofnat Pa'neaḥ," p. 126d). Among his pupils were R. Baruch of Mayence, R. Eleazar of Worms, and Eliezer b. Joel ha-Levi ("Mordekai," Ket., Nos. 152, 162; B. Ḳ., No. 125; "Roḳeaḥ," Nos. 182, 418, 421). His responsa are mentioned in "Mordekai" (B. M., No. 9), and his "Sefer ha-Dinin" is quoted by Asher b. Jehiel ("Pesaḳim," Ḳid. i., No. 20).

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