Italian philosopher and commentator of the thirteenth century. Between 1240 and 1250 he wrote a commentary on Maimonides' "Moreh Nebukim," which he afterward revised in part; only a small portion of the work, with annotations by his son Isaiah, is still extant (MSS. Bodleian, Oppenheimer Cat., No. 1163; London, Beth ha-Midrash MS., No. 517; Munich MSS., Nos. 69, 378, p. 687; De Rossi MSS., Parma, Nos. 106, 107, 1; St. Petersburg, Firkovich collection, No. 482). His work is mainly a paraphrase, the technical terms being translated into Italian. He knew Latin also, and in that language read the "Moreh" for Nicalao da Giovenazzo, probably Nicolo Paglia, Nobile di Giovenazzo.

  • Steinschneider, Hebr. Uebers. p. 433.
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