MUDAWWAR, ABU AL-BAYAN IBN AL- (surnamed al-Sadid):

Karaite court physician to the last Egyptian Fatimite califs and later to Saladin, who pensioned him when he was sixty-three years old; born 1101; died at Cairo 1184. During the twenty years of his retirement his house was crowded with pupils; but he refused to see patients at their homes unless they were his friends. One day he was sent for by the emir Ibn Munḳidh, who, on his arrival from Yemen, had fallen sick; but he refused to go until requested to do so by Al-Ḳaḍi al-Faḍil, the private secretary of Saladin.

According to Ibn Abi Uṣaibi'a, Ibn al-Mudawwar left works on medical subjects, but they are no longer extant.

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K. M. Sel.
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