NATHAN BEN MACHIR or HA-MAKIRI (R. Nathan of Mayence):

French Talumdist of the eleventh century. He was the brother of the liturgical poet Menahem b. Machir, to whom he gave responsa on halakic questions ("Shibbole ha-Leḳeṭ," § 290), and a cousin of R. Isaac b. Judah. He was the pupil of Rashi, who held him in great esteem on account of his great learning in Biblical as well as in Talmudic subjects and also for his liturgical compositions ("Teshubot Rashi," in "Ḥefes Maṭmonim," 1845). He was the compiler of "Ha-Orah," containing Rashi's decisions, and the author of portions of the "Ha-Pardes." He also commentated some liturgical poems as well as some prayers; and there is extant by him an Aramaic "Reshuth," an acrostic with his name, dealing with the Talmudic legend in Jonathan's Targum of the Prophets.

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