French Talmudist and Biblical commentator; flourished in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. He was the paternal grandfather of Estori ha-Parḥi and teacher of Naḥmanides and of Samuel ha-Sardi, author of "Sefer ha-Terumot." He was also in literary connection with Abraham ibn Daud (RABaD), and is quoted as a Talmudic authority by Menahem Me'iri (Beẓah 25a), who was his descendant. Nathan is quoted by his grandson as the author of a commentary on the Pentateuch, and by Naḥmanides as the author of "Sha'are Tefisah," a work on illegal seizures, which is supposed by Gross to be a part of a larger work, divided into chapters ("she'arim").

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