Russian scholar; born at Wilna 1793; died at Telsh, government of Kovno, June 10, 1868. He was the son-in-law of Joshua Zeitels. Nathanson devoted himself to the study of ancient Hebrew literature, publishing the following works: "Ḳonṭres Ayyelet ha-Shaḥar," critical notes on certain chapters of the Midrash Tehillim (printed in "Pirḳe Ẓafon," ii. 165-180); "Miktab 'al Debar Shemot Anashim," on Jewish proper names (ib. pp. 181-186); and a study on the Karaites (in "Debir," Wilna, 1864).

  • Ha-Karmel, 1869, No. 47;
  • Zeitlin, Bibl. Post-Mendels. p. 249, Leipsic, 1891-95.
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