Roman Catholic archbishop at Manila; born 1840 at Bergheim, near Colmar, in Alsace. At the age of fourteen he and his brother Gabriel emigrated to New York. Upon the outbreak of the Civil war Gabriel joined the Union army; he died in Louisville, Ky., where a public square bears his name. Eugene, at the age of sixteen, went to Porto Rico, where he was attacked by yellow fever. In the hospital a Catholic priest endeavored to administer the sacraments to him, promising him complete restoration. Believing himself about to die, he acceded; but he recovered and was baptized. Netter was then sent by the archbishop to the University of Salamanca, where in one year he passed both baccalaureates and began the study of theology. In a short while he became "professeur directeur" in the university there. Next he was sent to Porto Rico; then to Rome, where he spent ten months and was appointed "gentilhomme" by the pope. Returning to Porto Rico, he was again sent to Spain, and finally to Manila, where he became archbishop about 1898.

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