Town of France, and suburb of Paris. It has a population of 32,730. Its Jewish community, which now (1904) comprises about 250 families, is comparatively new. About 1860 a small oratory was established in a hired hall, but after 1871 the congregation increased rapidly, until, in 1875, the community was organized by a consistorial decree. On June 4, 1878, the synagogue was dedicated. Ten years later Simon Debré, at that time rabbi at Sedan, was called to Neuilly-sur-Seine, and a period of such remarkable prosperity began that the community is now one of the largest in France. The Jewish refuge for girls who have no proper home—La Maison Israélite de Refuge pour l'Enfance, founded by Coralie Cahen in 1866, and numbering 132 inmates—is situated at Neuilly, although it has no official connection with the community.

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