English school-master; born in Posen in 1787; died at Kew, near London, April, 1875. He first taught in Göttingen, and about 1816 removed to England, where he became principal of a boarding-school at Highgate (London). His pupils were numerous, and for half a century his name was a household word in the Anglo-Jewish community. There was scarcely a family of any note whose members had not received at least a portion of their education at his school. Sir George Jessel, Sir B. S. Phillips, Professor Waley, Professor Sylvester, Sampson Lucas, and Sebag Montefiore were numbered among his students. After many years' labor he retired, but, having made some unfortunate investments, he found it necessary to reopen the school and commence a fresh career of work. On this occasion he established the school at Gloucester House, Kew.

  • Jewish Chronicle, April 16, 1875.
J. G. L.
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