Technical term used in the laws referring to the petty trading of the Jews, which laws aimed to exclude the Jews from such occupations. "Nothhandel" (emergency trade) is defined as the itinerant trade of villages—pawnbroking, dealing in cast-off goods, and cattle brokerage. The Bavarian edict of June 10, 1813 (§ 29), refuses marriage licenses and freedom of residence to Jews engaged in such occupations ("Regierungsblatt," 1813, p. 921; Heimberger, "Die Staatskirchenrechtliche Stellung der Juden in Bayern," p. 183, Freiburg and Leipsic, 1893). The law of the electorate of Hesse of Oct. 29, 1833, which gave to the Jews equal rights with other citizens, exempted (§ 6) those engaged in "Nothhandel" from the benefits of this law.

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