Russian city in the government of Yekaterinoslav; it has a total population of 12,862, including 1,147 Jews. Among the latter are more than 900 Jewish artisans and day-laborers, but Jews form a very slight proportion of the factory employees. The city has eight ḥadarim (70 pupils), a Jewish private school (20 pupils), and general schools (95 Jewish pupils). An anti-Jewish riot occurred in Novomoskovsk in 1883, its immediate cause being a rumor that the Jews were responsible for a burglary in the local church. On Sept. 4 a mob destroyed almost all the Jewish houses; only three of them and the synagogue escaped destruction. After the rioters had been allowed to do all the mischief possible, Cossack troops appeared and arrested them.

  • M. Pogrom v Novo Moskovskye, Ned. Khr. Voskh. No. 36, 1883.
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