Association founded in New York city Oct. 8, 1895, to promote and foster the study of Hebrew and other Semitic languages and to encourage the study of Jewish history and literature. The association was founded by Herman Rosenthal, who was assisted in this work by Dr. A. Radin, Dr. S. Brainin, and others. Since its organization the association has inaugurated a series of lectures, in Hebrew, German, and English, on subjects relating to Jewish science. In 1895-96 it published a Hebrew monthly entitled "Ner ha-Ma'arabi," and in 1901 "Ha-Modia' leḤodashim"; for 1904 it issued an annual entitled "Yalḳuṭ Ma'arabi." In 1901 it celebrated the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Zacharias Frankel, and in 1903 the seventieth birthday of Baron Horace Günzburg. In 1904 it commemorated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the literary activity of the Hebrew poet M. Dolitzky, to whom the first volume of the "Yalḳuṭ Ma'arabi" was dedicated.

H. R. F. H. V.
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