Dutch barrister; born at Gröningen March 3, 1849. Educated at the gymnasium and university of his native town, he was graduated in 1872 as LL.D., and became teacher at the gymnasium there. This position he resigned in 1873, upon his appointment as secretary to the town of Gröningen. In 1885 he was elected professor of jurisprudence at the university there. In 1893 he was called as professor of public law to the University of Leyden, which position he still holds (1904). He has taken great interest in the Jewish community and in the public life of the Netherlands. He was twice appointed a member of commissions for framing public laws.

Oppenheim has been since 1872 editor of the "Provinciale Groninger Courant." Among his works may be mentioned: "Het Nederlandisch Gemeenterecht," Leyden, 1895 (3d ed. Gröningen, 1904); and "Bydrage tot Regeling der Administratieve Rechtspraak," Haarlem, 1899. Besides he has written many essays in the professional journals.

S. F. T. H.
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