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Rabbi at Wengrow, Poland, in the first half of the seventeenth century. His first work, "Berit ha-Lewi" (Lublin, 1645), is an ethical exposition of the prayer of Moses (Deut. iii. 23-26) by 365 different methods, interwoven with the 613 commandments, and is based upon stories from Midrash and Talmud. A second, larger work of his, entitled "Miniḥat Eliyahu," is mentioned by Fürst, but is otherwise unknown. Another work, notes on the tractate Horayot, was printed together with the tractate Sukkah (Dyhernfurth, n.d. [17th cent.]; republished Amsterdam, 1727). Steinschneider and Michael, however, think that this work was written by one of the tosafists, and that Öttingen was merely its editor.

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