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Italian Talmudist, cabalist, and poet; rabbi of Modena, where he died Aug. 10, 1728. He was the author of two works: "Tokaḥat Megullah" and "'Oẓerot Sheleg" (the latter cabalistic in nature); and of the following poems: Teḥinah; , an acrostic containing the words ("the name of seventy-two letters"); and , an epigram on human mortality, an epitaph in the cemetery at Pinale. Only a few of his many responsa have been printed.

Judah had two sons: Manasseh Joshua of Modena, brother-in-law of Isaiah Bassani (c. 1750), some of whose responsa have been preserved; and Menahem Azariah, rabbi of Florence (c. 1775), an authority in the Law and a prolific preacher, who also wrote various poems, many of which were liturgical. The genealogy of the family is traced to Abraham b. Samuel of Padua, who married in 1530.

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