German physician and medical writer; born at Pollnow, Pomerania, May 29, 1851; educated at the gymnasium at Stolp and at the University of Berlin (M.D. 1875). In 1876 he established himself as a physician in Berlin, receiving from the university in that city the "venia legendi" in 1891, and the title of professor in 1898. In 1902 he became assistant professor of the history of medicine.

Pagel has been since 1885 assistant editor of Hirsch's "Biographisches Lexikon"; he is also editor of the "Deutsche Aerzte-Zeitung" and of the "Biographisches Lexikon Hervorragender Aerzte des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts," Berlin and Vienna, 1901; and since 1899 he has been collaborator for medical history on Virchow's "Jahresbericht über die Leistungen und Fortschritte in der Gesammten Medizin."

Among his works may be mentioned: "Die Anatomic des H. v. Mondeville," Berlin, 1889; "Die Chirurgie des H. v. Mondeville," ib. 1892 (French transl. by E. Nicaise, Paris, 1893); "Die Angebliche Chirurgie des Joh. Mesuë," Berlin, 1893; "Medizinische Deontologie," ib. 1896; "Entwickelung der Medizin in Berlin," Wiesbaden, 1897; "Einführung in die Gesch. der Medizin," Berlin, 1898; "Medizinische Encyclopädie und Methodologie," ib. 1899.

Pagel has also written essays for the "Allgemeine Zeitung des Judenthums," among others "Gebet des Maimonides," "Doctor Esra," etc.

  • Pagel, Biog. Lex.
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