Spanish Marano family of Amsterdam, with some members in Mexico.

Abraham de Paiva:

Poet; lived in Amsterdam about 1687. A Spanish sonnet by him is included in a pamphlet by D. L. de Barrios ("Tora Or," p. 40).

Jacob Ribero de Paiva:

Also lived in Amsterdam; author of a Spanish arithmetic.

Moses Pereyra de Paiva:

Merchant of Portuguese descent; lived at Amsterdam in the seventeenth century. He visited Malabar and resided in Cochin, publishing at his own expense an account of the Jews in those regions, under the title "Notisias dos Judeos de Cochim" (Amsterdam, 1687), which appeared also in Judæo-German under the title "Zeitung aus Indien" (Prague, 1688; Amsterdam, 1713), and was published in Spanish as "Relacion de las Noticias de los Judeos de Cochim," this latter version existing only in manuscript.

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