American journalist; born Feb. 6, 1871, at Radoszkowice, government of Wilna, Russia. After receiving the usual education, he attended the Talmudical colleges of Minsk, Volosin, and Libau. In 1889 he emigrated to New York,where he became editor of "Der Volksadvokat." In 1891 he removed to Philadelphia, became connected there with the "Jüdische Presse," and, in 1892, with the "Volkswächter" (as editor and publisher). Returning to New York, he has been, since 1893, editor of the "Jüdisches Tageblatt" and of the "Jüdische Gazetten," which he has made the most widely circulated Jewish paper in the world. Paley is the author of: "The Russian Nihilist" and "Life in New York" (dramas); "Die Schwarze Chevrah"; "Uriel Acosta"; "Mysteries of the East Side"; "The Erev Rav"; "Yichus und Verbrechen"; "Das Leben in New York"; etc.

  • American Jewish Year Book, 5665 (1904-5).
J. F. T. H.
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