Judæo-German authoress of the sixteenth century; lived in the Prague ghetto at the time of Mordecai Meisel; daughter of R. Moses Löb Pizker, and wife of R. Jacob Pan. Like many poets of this period, she published religious and ethical works in the current idiom of the Jews. Such publications were facilitated by the printing-press of the Gersonides then running in Prague. Among other pieces, she published, probably in 1609, a poem of six pages under the title:

"Ein Schönes Lied, Neu Gemacht,

Beloschen Techinna Ist's Worden Ausgetracht."

In the final verse she gives some autobiographical data, as follows:

"Wenn jetzt wollt wissen, wer das Lied hat gemacht, Taube, Weib des R. Jakob Pan, hat es dertracht, Tochter des ehrwürdigen Rabbi Löb Pizker sal [], Der Ewige mög' behüten uns all!"

  • Kayserling, Die Jüdischen Frauen, p. 152.
S. A. Ki.
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