Hungarian rabbi; born 1783 at Bielitz, Silesia; died Nisan 20, 1845, at Karlsburg, Transylvania. He studied in the yeshibah of Leipnik, Moravia, under Rabbi Baruch Fränkel, and then went to Prague, where Chief Rabbi Samuel Landau and the assistant rabbi Eleazar Fleckeles were his teachers. After his marriage in 1802 he spent five years at Linsk in Talmudic studies and then joined the ranks of the Polish Ḥasidim, with whom he maintained close relations throughout his life. He was successively rabbi at Ostrik (1807-13) and Tarczal, Hungary (1813-23), and was chief rabbi of Karlsburg from 1823 to 1845.

His principal literary work is "Sefer She'elot u-Teshubot me-Rab Yeḥezḳel we-Sha'are Ẓiyyon," ed. M. M. Panet, Marmaros-Sziget, 1875. Most of his works are extant in manuscript and contain notes on the Talmud.

Of Panet's sons and grandsons the following were rabbis: (1) of Tasnád, Ḥayyim Bezaleel Panet (b. at Bielitz 1803; died at Tasnád 1877; author of several works and of the Halakah collection "Sefer Derek Yibḥar"); his grandson Asher Samuel Panet, of Hidalmás; (2) of Tarczal, his son Lebush Panet; (3) of Deés, his son Menahem Mendel Panet (author of several manuscript novellæ on the Talmud, besides responsa collections entitled "Sha'are Ẓedeḳ," "Abne Ẓedeḳ," and "Mishpaṭ Ẓedeḳ"); his grandson Moses Panet (successor to his father as rabbi of Deés).

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