Portuguese family members of which are met with in Constantinople and Rome from the sixteenth century. The family is still (1904) represented in Italy. The most important member of the Constantinople branch is:

Ephraim Panzieri:

Physician and cabalist; flourished in Constantinople about 1550; died in Damascus. He went to the latter city to study under Ḥayyim Vital, and, leading an ascetic life there, was revered as a saint.

To the Roman branch belong: Moses Panzieri and his son Jedidiah, mentioned in the community annals of 1539; Shabbethai Panzieri and his son Moses (1580 and 1583); and Shem-Ṭob, son of Moses (1601-16).

To another line belong: Isaac Panzieri (whose wife Piacentina died in 1561), his son David, and his grandson Samuel (1602-17).

Shabbethai b. Mordecai Pansieri:

Rabbi of Rome in 1652 and 1653, of Sinigaglia from 1680 to 1685, and again of Rome from the last-mentioned year. He had a reputation as a Talmudist, and corresponded with Samuel Aboab in Venice and withJehiel Finzi in Florence. When it was desired to introduce into the community the system of selfvaluation of property supported by an oath, Shabbethai spoke very energetically in favor of the method hitherto pursued, namely, that of valuation by a commission of seven members. He was supported by Joseph Fiammetta.

A Samuel Pansieri lived at Rome in 1682; and in 1720 and 1721 David and Shem-Ṭob b. Samuel Pansieri were members of the congregation there.

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