German historian; born at Danzig, Prussia, Nov. 4, 1848. He attended the Friedrichs-Gymnasium at Breslau, and studied history at the universities of Breslau, Heidelberg, and Göttingen (Ph.D. 1871). He was employed in the university libraries at Königsberg, Prussia (1872-1876), Greifswald (1876-83), and Halle (1883-1903), and in the Royal Library, Berlin, officiating in the last as director. His scientific work deals chiefly with the history of the provinces of East Prussia and West Prussia during the Middle Ages.

Aside from numerous articles contributed to various German periodicals, Perlbach has written or edited the following works: "Die Aeltere Chronik von Oliva," Göttingen, 1871; "Preussische Regesten bis zum Ausgang des 13. Jahrhunderts," Königsberg, 1876; "Simon Grunau's Preussische Chronik," part A, Leipsic, 1876; "Quellenbeiträge zur Gesch. der Stadt Königsberg im Mittelalter," Göttingen, 1878; "Pommerellisches Urkundenbuch," Danzig, 1882; "Preussisch-Polnische Studien zur Geschichte des Mittelalters," Halle, 1886; "Die Statuten des Deutschen Ordens," ib. 1890; "Prussia Scholastica: die Ost- und Westpreussen auf den Mittelalterlichen Universitäten," Leipsic, 1896. He has edited also some Polish medieval historical sources for the "Monumenta Germaniæ Historica," 1888, 1893.

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