Christian librarian and Oriental scholar; born at Piacenza Oct. 27, 1827; studied in the Alberoni College of his native town from 1844 to 1849. In 1860 he was placed at the head of the Oriental collection in the National Library of Parma, of which he was made chief librarian in 1876.

Prior to 1860 Perreau had written on various subjects, but from that year he devoted himself entirely to rabbinical literature. Of his works the following deserve special mention: polygraphic edition of the commentary of Immanuel ben Solomon of Rome on the Psalms (Parma, 1879-82), on Esther (1880), and on Lamentations (1881); "Ma'amar Gan 'Eden" of Rabbi Ḥayyim Israel, in the "Zunz Jubelschrift"; "Zeh ha-Yam Gadol u-Reḥab Yadayim," or "Oceano dello Abbreviature e Sigle Ebraiche, Caldaiche, Rabbiniche, Talmudiche, Cabalistiche, Geographiche," etc. (Parma, 1883; polygraphic edition), with a supplement entitled "Aḥarit Yam."

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