The second Pesaḥ sacrifice. It was called also "Pesaḥ Ḳaṭon" (Aramaic, "Pisḥa Ze'ira") = "the lesser Pesaḥ" (R. H. i. 3), and was offered on the 14th of Iyyar by those who had been unable, because of absence from the Holy City or of levitical uncleanness, to sacrifice on the 14th of Nisan (comp. Num. ix. 1-15). All the regulations for the first Pesaḥ sacrifice applied to the second one, except that the participants were not divided into three groups—probably because there were never so many as to render such division necessary—and that no ḥagigah sacrifice was connected with it. The lesser Pesaḥ sacrifice was eaten in the same manner as the first one, although the "Hallel" was omitted, and it was permitted to eat leavened food.

W. B. J. Z. L.
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