Austrian dermatologist; born at Neustadt, Bohemia, Oct. 14, 1834. He studied natural sciences and medicine at Vienna (M.D. 1860) and acted as assistant in several university hospitals. In 1868 he removed to Prague and became privat-docent in the German university there. In 1873 he was appointed assistant professor, and in 1896 professor, of dermatology in the same university.

In 1869 Pick founded in conjunction with Heinrich Auspitz the "Archiv für Dermatologie." etc., of which, since the death of his colleague in 1886,he has been sole editor. Many essays of his have appeared in this journal and in the medical papers of Vienna and Prague. In 1889 he helped to found the Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft, of which he was the first president.

At the celebration, in 1898, of the twenty-fifth anniversary of his appointment as assistant professor his pupils and colleagues prepared a jubilee volume, edited by Neisser.

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