French journalist; born at Paris May 31, 1865; son of Désiré Pollonais, mayor of Villefranche, and of Amélie Pollonais. About 1890 he began journalistic work as the local correspondent of the "Indépendance Belge," and contributed at the same time to "Le Voltaire," "Le Figaro," and "Le Gaulois." He then succeeded Fernand Xau as editor of "Le Soir," but, leaving that paper, returned to "Le Gaulois," to which he has now (1905) been a contributor for five years. During the Dreyfus affair Pollonais was an enthusiastic adherent of the nationalist party. In 1902 he became a convert to Catholicism, his godparents being the Marquis de Dion and François Coppée. Pollonais is known also as a dramatist, having produced "Le Jour de Divorce," "Celle Qu'il Faut Aimer," "Eve," and "Le Dégel."

S. J. Ka.
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