German physician and medical writer; born at Berlin Dec. 16, 1854; son of Louis Posner; educated at the universities of Berlin, Bonn, Strasburg, Leipsic (Ph.D. 1875), and Giessen (M.D. 1880). From 1878 to 1880 he was assistant in the pathological institute at Giessen; and till 1886 assistant of Fürstenheim in Berlin, where he settled as a physician. He became privat-docent in 1890, and received the title of professor in 1895.

Since 1889 Posner has been editor of the "Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift," and since 1894 of Virchow's "Jahresbericht über die Leistungen und Fortschriṭte in der Gesammten Medizin." Among his works may be mentioned: "Diagnostik der Harnkrankheiten," 1893 (2d ed. 1896); and "Therapie der Harnkrankheiten," 1895 (2d ed. 1898).

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